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Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament

Welcome to the home of our annual CANY Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament. You'll find everything you need to know here about this special charity event that's all about having fun and supporting great charities like Ice Hockey in Harlem. 


The 13th Annual Tournament will be held on President's weekend, Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th 2019 at Lasker Rink in Central Park.


We hope to see you there! And please make an online donation if you can.


Dean Keyworth
Canadian Association of New York



The Stikeman Cup

Loosely modeled after the most iconic trophy in sports, the Stikeman Cup is awarded to the winning team in the tourney.  Each year, we engrave the names of the winning team to preserve that moment in sports history.




2009 - Hudson Hogs

2010 - Stikeman Elliott

2011 - Le National

2012 - Stikeman Elliott

2013 - UCC Blues

2014 - Cumming & Partners "Zig Zags"

2015 - Westside Skate & Stick

2016 - Westside Skate & Stick



The Eric Nadeau MVP trophy

Our Tourney Most Valuable Player award is dedicated to the memory of Eric Nadeau, a long-time tourney volunteer.  Eric passed away in October 2015 during a Brooklyn Half Marathon at the age of 28.


Eric will be remembered as a great friend, an intense athlete, and a caring person who always had the energy to help others.  Canadian-born, he was proud of his heritage and sought to contribute to the activities of the CANY Foundation.

In particular, Eric was an incredible contributor to the success of the CANY Central Park Classic.   He was truly energizing to work with both in the planning and the execution of the event.  One year, I remember him offering to pick up supplies at 4am, prior to the start of play on Saturday.  At the time I remember being struck with how kind it was for him to be doing that on a long weekend when many others may be taking the opportunity to rest.  That day, our volunteer crew was shorthanded, and because of particularly frigid weather we were having difficulty finding people to act as scorekeepers at the outdoor rinks at Lasker.  Eric stepped up and did a marathon shift, staying until 6pm keeping score in the freezing cold.  This contribution went unnoticed, partially because he did the work happily and without fanfare, but I can honestly say he saved the tourney that year. 

This is the spirit that underpins the Nadeau MVP award:  the true team player that applies his or her immense talents to achieve a common goal.

A bit more about Eric:

  • Born in Montreal Canada, December 22, 1986
  • Attended school in Canada for grades 1-3, Australia for grades 4-6, and North Carolina for grades 7-12
  • Graduated in 2010 from James Madison University in Virginia with a B.Sc. (Communications & Sports Management)
  • 3 times North Carolina Wrestling State Champion: 2003, 2005, and 2006
  • 2006 All American National Wrestling Prep Championship
  • Forsyth Country Day High School created the Eric Nadeau Most Valuable Player award awarded to future Forsyth Country Day High School top performers.
  • In 2010, Eric was named MVP for James Madison University varsity Rugby team, leading the team to its first State Championship in 19 years.
  • Eric was an avid hockey fan was also an expert skier, snow boarder and enjoyed golf
  • Eric held positions at the New York Islanders and the New York Yankees.
  • Eric was involved in many charitable endeavors, including raising funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering.  




2016 – Barish Ozdamar

2015 – Darius Feili

2014 – Chris Thompson

2013 – Gabriel Chenard

2012 – Alexandre Guay

2011 – Alexandre Guay

2010 – Greg Kong

2009 – Brett Flood