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Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament

Welcome to the home of our annual CANY Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament. You'll find everything you need to know here about this special charity event that's all about having fun and supporting great charities like Ice Hockey in Harlem. 


The 13th Annual Tournament will be held on President's weekend, Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th 2019 at Lasker Rink in Central Park.


We hope to see you there! And please make an online donation if you can.


Dean Keyworth
Canadian Association of New York



Your support of the Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament will benefit the excellent charities supported by the Canadian Association of New York Foundation.


In 2019, We Are Proudly Supporting

Ice Hockey in Harlem

The Canadian Association of New York is proud to support Ice Hockey In Harlem with the net proceeds from the tournament.

Ice Hockey in Harlem began in 1987 and introduced ice hockey to the economically challenged community of East Harlem. IHIH is a non-profit community-based organization for youth that uses the sport of hockey to promote academic achievement, responsibility, teamwork and good character. The objective of the organization is to provide inspiration, encouragement and guidance to children leading to better life experiences, education and career opportunities. Since its creation IHIH has enriched the lives of more than 1000 inner-city boys and girls.


Wheelchair Sports Federation LogoThe Wheelchair Sports Federation (WSF) Sled Rangers is a youth ice hockey team for physically disabled kids. Sled hockey allows those with physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy an adaptive version of traditional ice hockey, with similar concepts and rules. Sled hockey players sit on a device known as a sled and employ two shortened hockey sticks with a pick (similar to the tip of a figure skate) on one end, which enables them to propel themselves across the ice. Checking and high-speed slap shots are common features of the sport.


The NY program, launched in 2012, currently gives 40 disabled athletes, ranging from 5- to 21-years old, both female and male, the opportunity to play. These kids derive the same benefits that able-bodied athletes derive from playing hockey: camaraderie, fun, self-esteem and self-confidence. For many of these children it is their first opportunity to play a team sport.


CANY is proud to support this program and help it expand to serve an estimated 150,000 physically disabled kids in NYC. The medium-term goal is to attract 100 kids and create a NYC-based sled hockey league. The WSF Sled Rangers are 100% committed to paying the costs for any disabled athlete who wants to play.