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Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament

Welcome to the home of our annual CANY Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament. You'll find everything you need to know here about this special charity event that's all about having fun and supporting great charities like Ice Hockey in Harlem. 


The 14th Annual Tournament will be held on President's weekend, Saturday February 15th and Sunday February 16th 2020 at Lasker Rink in Central Park.


We hope to see you there! And please make an online donation if you can.


Dean Keyworth
Canadian Association of New York


The Annual Canadian Association of New York
Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament

CANY charity hockey tournament

February 15 & 16, 2020
Lasker Rink – Central Park
New York City




The Central Park Classic from brett karley on Vimeo.



Open to players of all levels, the Central Park Classic focuses on fun, participation and camaraderie. Most importantly, the main objective is to support the non-profit youth program, Ice Hockey in Harlem (IHIH). Established in 1987, this innovative program uses on-ice and classroom sessions to improve the social and academic well-being of children from the Harlem community. IHIH student athletes learn the fundamentals of the game, engage in an active lifestyle, and broaden their life experiences.


This tournament is also intended to further the natural ties between Canadians and New Yorkers. Each year, we bring together teams from Canada and the US for a special weekend and a truly unique hockey experience – the opportunity to play outdoors in one of the most beautiful city parks in the world.


Each team is guaranteed to play the equivalent of two full games on Saturday, followed by a playoff game on Sunday. On Saturday, we’ll have a number of associated activities at the rink and lively social event.