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Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament

Welcome to the home of our annual CANY Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament. You'll find everything you need to know here about this special charity event that's all about having fun and supporting great charities like Ice Hockey in Harlem. 


The 13th Annual Tournament will be held on President's weekend, Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th 2019 at Lasker Rink in Central Park.


We hope to see you there! And please make an online donation if you can.


Dean Keyworth
Canadian Association of New York



The over–riding rule to remember about this tournament is that it is a FUN, CHARITY EVENT that focuses on participation over competition. Overly aggressive or violent play will not be tolerated and offending players will be removed from the tournament.



  1. The Organizers of the Canadian Invitational in Central Park are Bob Weyersberg and Dean Keyworth, and their decisions on matters concerning the tournament are final. Unless specifically indicated to the contrary below, all USA Hockey rules will apply.


  1. All Participants/Players will sign the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND RELEASE WAIVER before being permitted to participate. The form will be accessible on the tournament website and will be available at the tournament.
  2. All players must be 18 years or older.
  3. Each team's roster will have a maximum of 15 eligible players and a minimum of 5 players, including goaltenders.
  4. Captains MUST supply Organizer with all an official roster of players with their names and jersey numbers. Rosters may not be altered once the tournament begins.
  5. The Organizer may ask a player for identification to verify if that player is on a team’s roster at any point. If they are not on the roster then they will not play. Game may result in a forfeit to offending team.
  6. Players may only play for one team unless accepted by an Organizer. Goalies are exempted from this rule.
  7. Captains must supply Organizer with payment in full before their first scheduled game.


  1. Round-robin games are structured as follows:
    • Will consist of two 20 minute running–clock periods.
    • Teams are required to start their games on time. Timekeepers will be instructed to start the game clock at the designated start time. If one of the teams is unable/unwilling to faceoff, the other team will receive one goal at two minute intervals until the regular game play commences.
    • Penalties in a game will cause no less than 2 skaters to be on the ice for the penalized team. Delayed penalties will be in effect when more than 2 players from one team are ruled off the ice for a penalty.
    • In the event of a regulation game tie during the round robin portion of the tournament, the game will end as a tie.
    • Anything more than an 8-goal differential will not count towards the official game score during the round robin.
  1. Playoff games will have the following differences:
    • Playoff games consist of three periods of 15 minutes each, Periods 1 and 2 will have a running clock and Period 3 will have a stopped clock.
    • Minor penalties will be 2 minutes in length and major penalties will be 5 minutes in length.
    • A 10 goal differential will cause the clock to run without stopping until the goal differential is reduced to less than 10 goals.
    • In the event of a tied scored at the end of regulation time during the playoff portion of the tournament there will be a 5 minute overtime period with 3 skaters from each team. The first goal scored will end the game, with the scoring team being declared the winner. If no goal is scored during the overtime period a 3–round shoot out will ensue. If the game is tied following the shoot out the game will end as a tie, except in the final, where following a tie in the 3-round shoot out, single rounds will take place until there is a winner.
  2. ROUND ROBIN RANKING will be determined by points:
    • Six (6) points will be awarded for a win.
    • Three (3) points will be awarded for a tie.
    • Teams are awarded one–and–a–half points (1.5) for a penalty–free game.
    • Teams are awarded one point (1) for a game with just one minor penalty.
    • Teams with 3 minor penalties in one game will have one (1) point DEDUCTED from their total.
    • Teams with 1 major penalty in one game will have one (1) point DEDUCTED from their total.
    • Teams with 4 or more minor penalties in one game will have one–and–a–half (1.5) points DEDUCTED from their total.
    • Teams with 2 or more major penalties in one game will have one–and–a–half (1.5) points DEDUCTED from their total.
  3. ROUND ROBIN RANKING POINT TIE–BREAKERS will be applied in the following order:
    • by least penalties.
    • by least goals against.
    • by most shutouts.
    • by most goals for.
    • by coin toss
  4. PLAYOFFS matchups are determined by the seedings earned in the round-robin portion of the tournament.
    • #1 seed vs. #2 seed for Championship
    • #3 seed vs. #4 seed for 3rd Place
    • #5 seed vs. #6 seed for 5th Place
    • And so on


  1. Every player MUST wear a HECC–certified full shield/full facemask on their helmet and dress in full regulation hockey gear. Any player not doing so is not permitted to play. 
  2. All players must be dressed in a similarly colored uniform jersey with a legible number on back.
  3. Teams must supply their own jerseys/uniforms.
  4. In the event of a color conflict between two teams, the visiting team will wear pinnies, provided by the rink.

5. HOCKEY RULES (Specific to Tournament / Lasker Rink)

  1. Games will be four–on–four (four skaters and one goalie on the ice for each team).
  2. There will be NO icing infraction (i.e. icing is ALLOWED). Two–line passes are ALLOWED.
  3. Any player totaling 3 penalties in one game is immediately removed from that game (a misconduct is counted as a separate penalty in addition to any other penalties assessed at the same time). Any player ejected from a game must remove themselves from playing area and bench area immediately. If player does not remove himself then an additional minor penalty will be assessed to the offending team. If player persists after that point then offending team will forfeit that game.
  4. Certain major penalties including fighting, head butting, kneeing, spearing, abuse of Officials or Organizers, spitting and any intent to injure will also result in a game misconduct. Any further action will be decided by officials after the game.
  5. Sexual, racial or ethnic slurs are deemed to be a "match” penalty in the New York State region of USA Hockey. This is a serious offense as defined in the rule book and necessitates a hearing with USA Hockey representatives to reinstate a player who has committed this offense. Any player being assessed a match penalty will be permanently barred from the tournament.