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Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament

Welcome to the home of our annual CANY Central Park Classic Hockey Tournament. You'll find everything you need to know here about this special charity event that's all about having fun and supporting great charities like Ice Hockey in Harlem. 


The 13th Annual Tournament will be held on President's weekend, Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th 2019 at Lasker Rink in Central Park.


We hope to see you there! And please make an online donation if you can.


Dean Keyworth
Canadian Association of New York



A more detailed schedule for the 2017 tourney will be available soon!



Saturday, February 18th





7pm - Tourney Social at Manny's on Second (1770 2nd Ave @ 92nd St).  More news to follow




Sunday, February 19th


8:00am – 12:40m: PLAYOFF GAMES


Each team will play a 45 min playoff game to determine final placing. The timing of your Sunday game will be determined by your placing in the round robin with the lower ranking teams going earliest.


Earliest possible game 8am

Finals at 11:40am